Bernadette Mayer and psychosexual dreamscapes

I am laughing and gasping and all in all envious of Mayer's Midwinter Day. The "NY School" has so much boundless and boldness. What generation is Bernadette Mayer anyway? She mentions Ted and Alice so I am assume that's Ted Berrigan and Alice Notley (2nd generation?). This is my first encounter with Mayer and I am pumped. I've only finished section one's convoluted psychosexual dreamscapes and I am excited to read more. I am also about to start reading Kevin Davies Comp.

The morphing of daughter/mother/lover reminds me of when I read Freud's Interpretation of Dreams about 10 years ago. A few days into the book I managed some lucid dreaming and attempted a reading of my dream as it was happening.

The dream consisted of three scenes/parts. Here it is as best I remember:

Scene One:

My then girlfriend was eating hulu hoops (onion flavoured) and we began a nice make-out session on the couch (including dry waxing or as some say Levi-lovin). We were really moving when she changed into my mother. I told her it was ok. We were just acting on some of our repressed desires and we sat down and opened up Freud's Interpretation of Dreams and ate some sausage rolls together.

Scene Two:

My mother changed into my sister (but she wasn't really my sister. she resembled Brooke Shields from that Blue Lagoon movie. Naked, adolescent Brooke Shields). We went to the movies and my sister/Brooke Shields said, "Is this really your wish fulfillment?" I said, "no, this is only the beginning of my wishes."

Scene Three:

I flew over some suburban swimming pools (my wings resembled Condor Man. A popular movie of my childhood). I was sucking a pebble because my cross country coach had told me a pebble in the mouth can keep the mouth moist while running. I plunged (think Icarus) into my friend's swimming pool and dove to the drain and let out the water. I remember thinking: FUCKIN 'ELL, if I am pulling the plug I am draining my subconscious mind and without a subconscious mind I'm gonna die in my dream. So I frantically tried to put the drain back. But it was too late. I was being sucked and there was nothing I could do about it.

The Blue Lagoon