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The Bookshop is still # 1

If you're ever in Chapel Hill, NC you must visit The Bookshop. I have yet to find a better used bookshop for poetry.

Turned in a small box of poetry books and got $86 in credit. Picked up:

1) North of Intention by Steve McCaffery (essays)
2) Poetry on and off the page by Marjorie Perloff (essays)
3) John Ashbery's Selected Poems
4) Frame Structures by Susan Howe (early poems 1974-1979)
5) Incarnate: Story Material by Thalia Field
6) Doublespace by Hank Lazer (poems 1971-1989)
7) Rome, A Mobile Home by Jerry Estrin (never heard of him but looked interesting)
8) Light Travels by Rosmarie and Keith Waldrop ( nice little chapbook)

The Selected Ashbery had a bonus (actually two):
1) Some kick ass GRE scores from someone named Anthony
2) a good poem called "Spring in Canada" (maybe written by Mr. Anthony)

If Anthony would like his scores returned I can bring them to the next reading. This man rocked the analytical section!

three cheers for fab bookshops!


T-Nat said…
the question though is what was in the box that you turned in? ... and I do always stop by The Bookshop when I'm back up on the Hill visiting the alma mater ... excellent stuff there
postpran said…

Good question. Some of the books I turned in were signed so I think that bumped up my exchange credit.

Some of the books in the box:

- Selected Gerald Stern (signed)
- Castle Tzingal by Fred Chappell (signed)
- A Wave by John Ashbery (signed)
- Selected Stephen Dobyns (signed)
- Frame by Barrett Watten (sun and moon classics)
- Selected Robert Watson (signed)
- small broadside of poem by Robert Watson (signed)
- Sky Lounge by Mark Bibbins (graywolf)
- Nemesis by Lew Daly (did not connect/move me etc.)
- selected Stanley Kunitz (signed)
- Selected Galway Kinnell (signed)

there were a few other books (mostly trade paperbacks, novels).

All in all, I don't think I'll miss the books I traded. I was holding onto some of them for sentimental reasons. I am trying to be tougher on my collection. Narrowing it down more. Creating my own personal canon (which is in no way small).

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