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Good music. Good books.

Just picked up Medeski Martin and Wood's Notes From The Underground. I am liking it a lot so far. What a range!

I have found music without words works best when I am writing. Or perhaps words in another language (I'll see about that when I try out some opera).

Also just finished reading _Rome, A Mobile Home_ by Jerry Estrin and immediately wanted to re-read it straight through. I really really needed to read this book (I'm always searching for that book I need to read right now).

Here's just a small sampling of the lines that made me linger:

"People have often said the city when they meant / capitalism."

"Fantasy is clipped from living material. / Responsibility is unjustifiable."

"The powers of order are never naive / power works by normalization."

"Stoicism of unironic singularity."

You made get the idea it's theory heavy. But it's everything. surreal images, "confession," celebrities, demotic speech, humor.

This is a book with a mind to match its heart.

I think I am going to interrupt my regulary scheduled reading plan and start reading Laura Moriarty's _Rondeaux_. Not that I expect husband and wife to have the same sense of language, but I am very curious now. I would imagine poet partners/husbands/wives would have some kind of effect(s). Maybe a school of two?

I like it best when I know nothing (or very little) about an artist and find their work by accident. I think that's why presses with editorial visions matter to me. I may not like everything Roof puts out, but I can trust their consistent sense of excellence. Verse press also has a strong editorial vision.

The danger for a press with vision is of course producing the same type of work and becoming stale/boring etc.

I think I am going to look for more Roof books. Anyone have a particular press they "trust" in terms of the quality of the work they publish?


Adam Tarleton said…
Re: MMW. You should check out their collaboration with John Scofield -- A Go Go. Good stuff. Funky.

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