Alien Tatters

so I am turning 31 tomorrow. it's a strange number. the only significance being 10 years older than 21 (the age of drinking in the U.S.).

In other news, I am fully enjoying Alien Tatters by Clark Coolidge. I tried to read Mesh and Own Face about a year ago and couldn't make a go of it. I wish I had kept those books. They are in some Durham used bookstore (unless someone purchased them).

It's strange how art speaks differently at different times. I would say my readings for the past year helped me contextualize/appreciate Coolidge's work. After reading a lot of Jack Kerouac, Basil Bunting, Ron Silliman, and some of Finnegan's Wake, I can appreciate what is happening in Alien Tatters (goes good with Sparklehorse or straight up silence). I like to dig in with newly discovered writers. spend some time with them. I just ordered The Crystal Text and the Talisman interviews (William Bronk, Clark Coolidge, Bernadette Mayer and others).

I am also still reading the collected Tom Raworth. I love that man's work!

I feel like I should get a baby blue t-shirt.


Maybe I really can live here. Not fond of the heat (or the wasps), but those are small beans compared to Greensboro friends and the ever-growing Lucipo community.