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Poetry on the Radio (Sunday 4PM-6PM PST)

The second airing of My Vocabulary this Sunday. Last week's show was great. Some wonderful Robert Creeley poems and tributes.

Check it out this Sunday. Here's the message from one of the hosts Matthew Shindell:

This Sunday on My Vocabulary we will be featuring a full-length
reading by Jordan Davis (delivered and recorded here in San Diego this
winter) and a "mini"-reading by Sara Sowers (the first of our
telephone-assisted readings). In the second hour of the show we will
be presenting poems by Gabriel Gudding, Marcus Slease, Jeffery Bahr,
Nathan Pritts and Tatyana Moseeva (with a translation by Matthew
Shindell). All of this and some fine, fine music.

Make good use of your internet connection. Join us this Sunday at 4 pm
(PST) on UCSD's KSDT radio station. Just direct your browser to KSDT Radio and choose your connection speed.


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