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A very ambitious new journal coming soon

This hot new journal sounds very very promising. A focused eclectic (much needed as opposed to so many unfocused eclectics like Fence etc.)

Here's the notice (and open call) from editor Tony Tost:

Here's an open call I'm hoping to spread like good
butter. Feel free to forward to any lists or post on
any blog or message board. There's a copy also at my
defunct Unquiet Grave blog



o p e n c a l l

This summer I will be launching a new online site
called Fascicle with the help of Chris Vitiello and
Ken Rumble. Another web journal, I know, but one with
some focus, hopefully. We're looking at running a new
issue twice a year.


In the spirit of Jacket, Talisman, Sulfur and other
journals that present a possible context for the poems
and poetics found therein, Fascicle welcomes critical
prose on various historical and cultural tendencies
that inform an innovative aesthetic. Welcome topics
would include (but are not limited to) Negritude,
Outsider Writing (however defined), Fluxus,
Ethnopoetics (as represented by various anthologies
and writings by the Rothenbergs, Tedlock, etc.),
performance poetries, the Beats, visual poetries (from
Concrete to the work found in the Rasula/McCaffery
Imagining Language anthology), Flarf, Language
writing. Writing on individual writers and artists is
also welcomed; a representative listing of possible
subjects might include Hannah Weiner, bp nichol,
Jonathan Williams, Ian Hamilton Finlay, Tom Raworth,
Anne Tardos, Kathy Acker, Antonin Artaud, Jess, Ed
Roberson, Jacques Roubaud, besmilr bingham.

Reviews of recent titles are also always welcome.

Local News

A regular feature of Fascicle will be a (as yet
untitled) local news section consisting of the poetry
news from various communities. What we're hoping for
is a venue by which various communities can stay
informed as to recent activities in various other
communities, and a venue by which all will have access
to news, ideas and happenings viewed through local
eyes. We have 'correspondents' already from Philly and
the Triangle area in North Carolina, and are searching
for people from Austin, Atlanta, DC, Vancouver,
Milwaukee, San Francisco and elsewhere, including
communities of much smaller measure. Two's company,
three's a community.

"The news" is free to the correspondents'
interpretation: it could be news of recent
publications, readings, social and political poetry
activities; it can also be news as to "what's in the
air" aesthetically. Fascicle is looking for two to
three paragraphs from each correspondent, twice a

Word of Mouth
[ working title ]

Fascicle will also feature short 1-2 paragraph
review/notices of work that falls under the publishing
radar. This includes chapbooks, self-published books,
internet work, audio and so forth. If it's too small
to make SPD and you think it's worthy of notice, we
want to run your review/notice.

Write-ups for the Word of Mouth section should be 1-2
paragraphs long and include information for ordering
and/or finding the work.

Family Tree

Another omnibus section in a similar vein as Octopus'
Recovery Project. Fascicle welcomes short write-ups of
texts (from any era) that you consider primary to your
understanding of poetry, that you feel are
under-recognized essential texts. For example, I'll
probably write on either Clayton Eshleman's Juniper
Fuse or the Mary Margaret Sloan edited Moving Borders:
Three Decades of Innovative Writing by Women.

Translations, etc.

Fascicle seeks translations, ideally of contemporary
poets and writers, but also of relevant historical

Additionally, English language poets from outside of
the US are especially invited to submit innovative
work; Fascicle seeks to present a view of innovative
writing as both a global and local occurrence.

Thanks ---

Tony Tost
editor, Fascicle


Erin said…
It's always good to hear of new journals and such in NC! Good to hear this.

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