Carrboro Poetry Festival

Here's a nice little write-up about the NC poetry scene by Ken Rumble. Although there is an inaccurate lumping of: Black Mountain poets, Randell Jarrell, UNC Greensboro's MFA program, Jargon Society. I think the rhetorical strategy of the piece is dead-on, but not sure about placing all these people and scenes together as part of the innovative tradition in NC? Especially since the innovative tradition (esp. Black Mountain) directly opposed the literary establishment of Randall Jarrell (Randall Jarrell says you're a poet etc.)

Although as a welcoming gesture for the festival the article does a good job and Ken does a great job of highlighting the various scenes within scenes and magazines (like Backwards City Review out of Greensboro).

Check it out:

Indy Weekly Article on Carrboro PoFest