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Durham goodies

Just got back from Durham with some goodies. Picked up:

1) Ed Dorn's Gunslinger Book III The Winterbook (Frontier Press)

2) Rodrigo Toscano's The Disparities (Green Integer)

3) Theresa Hak Kyung Cha's Dictee

4) Lauren Fairbanks' Muzzle Thyself (Dalkey Archive Press)

5) Clark Coolidge's Mesh

also recently acquired:

1)Bruce Andew's Give Em Enough Rope

2) Geraldine Monk's -Inter-REGNUM (Creation Press. I've devoured this twice already. Delicious. Hopkins+objectivist+Vorticist/Primitivist)

3) Louis Zukofksy's A (University of California Press. This will be a continual project for quite a while)

4) Mark Scroggins' Louis Zukofsky and the poetry of Knowledge (fascinating so far)

Also, got an email from John Lowther of the Atlanta Poets Group.

Check out some of the AGP performing on the radio:


scroll over to sunday then down to the sunday special (7-9). its
a 2 hours show with lots of apg recordings and it will be gone as soon
as the next sunday special comes around.


Anonymous said…
Right on Marcus. That's a good haul. That Winterbook cover was designed by my next door neigbor, Philip Trussell.

Chris Vitiello said…
Nice Price on Broad Street, yes? I hope you perused the drama section as they usually have a lot of Green Integer books in there too.
postpran said…
I didn't think of that. I'll have to back soon and look at the drama. I love green integer's feel. Intimate for the hand. I can't deal in pixels for too long.

and to have Philip Trussell as a neighbor. We need more Scott's and Philip's. More well-designed books (a little less pixels).
Alan Cordle said…
Ed Dorn. Fascinating choice. Did you know he selected your former professor's first book for the Balcones Poetry Prize?

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