final desert city reading (for 2005!)

Lee Ann Brown and Carl Martin read last night to wrap the 2005 Desert City reading series. Carl Martin read first:

rich sounds, density, surrealist touches, a head well squared on the body.

I am was really impressed with the consistent quality of Carl Martin's work. He read from his first book (the title of which I forget on this pre-coffee morning) as well as Genii Over Salzburg. It was pure delight for the emotion thinking complex.

Lee Ann Brown's singing was interesting (her signature reading strategy). We sang along about breaking new ground. I think what interests me the most about the singing strategy is how it reconfigures the audience. We switched from mostly individual ingestion (hm and huh and ah) to more overt collective ritual sharing via chrous singing.

I also picked up a few books while I was in Chapel Hill:

1) Robert Creeley's 30 Things (with Monoprints by Bobbie Creeley)

2) Bruce Andrew's Give Em Enough Rope

3) Tristan Tzara's Seven DADA Manifestos and Lampisteries (translated by Barbara Wright)

4) David Meltzer's Beat Thing

Also got Geraldine Monk's Interegnum in the mail. It's "about" witches and England and history and spells and chants. I am excited to dig into it.

Check out this reading spot:

Morden Tower