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poetry as:

1) quest

2) questioning

3) to write:to right

4) striking out


"Surrealism once promised to tell us about the unconscious, but finished up trapped by its chosen objects of desire, peddling porngraphic thrills to the connoisseur."
(author unknown)

Raworth's poetry as a kind of "street-level Modernism."


Veiled comrades, there are other ways to publication. In certain ways, the culture we negotiate claims tacit as total understanding. Someday it might become possible to wire father his own paints, canvas, and brushes. Merit makes us blind to dintinctions of quality.


1) What is a method of operation and how does it differ from a mere method?

2) Is imaginationa type of experience or experience itself?

3) At what point might life become parasitic of art?

A QUOTE FROM Miles Champion's Don't Know Alan

"Style is to things what mood is to feelings."


A slip of the tongue might be describe…

campanology is now Resident Alien

After some serious revisions, Campanology has now become Resident Alien. Resident Alien has a good chunk of Campanology, but the frame is a lot stronger (sequencing etc.) Resident Alien also circles the ms (as in saucer) in various ways.

Resident Alien = my personal political status in the U.S.

Resident Alien = a lot of people's psychological status (I assume)

Resident Alien= mind/body split. Is the body our home? Do you ever feel like a resident alien in your dying body?

Resident Alien= language as grounded. precise. "concrete" etc. Also language as strange via sound.

And many more. The bells/sounds are the residents in part of the ms, but they are also the aliens.

Nadja by Andre Breton helped me reformulate my ideas.

earth and water

Some very good revisions today. It helps to get Campanology rejected by contests. Makes me reorganize, resee, rethink.

So. Campanology is now divided into three sections:

section 1: Resident Alien
Section 2: Shem/Sham
Section 3: Sprog

Section 1 now contains the first 25 pages of a previous ms called Resident Alien. The previous ms Resident Alien has now merged with the ms Narcolepetic Lawn.

Narcoleptic Lawn is organized as five parts with five sections and still has a ways to go.

A little mind trick:

when I think I am working on a new ms right after "finishing" the previous, a realize how the new ms is really an extension of the previous.

I am also reseeing my music. Music is the most abstract of the arts. So, I am looking for ways to reorganzie my use of sound. Balancing it with image. Considering various ways of using diction and breaking the line. I am also using philosophy/rhetoric and exploring the spaces between sentences. The sentences have a less forceful music but are stil…

Sentences/Motion etc.

Selected Quotes of Ernest Fenolossa:

"The eye sees noun and verb as one: things in motion, motion in things."

"Motion leaks everywhere, like electricity from an exposed wire . . . there could be no complete sentence . . . save one which it would take all time to pronounce."

"Thought deals with no bloodless concepts but watches things move under its microscope."

"Metaphor was piled upon metaphor in quasi-geological strata."

"poetry agrees with science and not with logic."

really interesting . . . check it out:

Fenollosa, Pound and the Chinese Character

milk shit/shit milk

While examining dildos and butt plugs and books on the female orgasm at Adam and Eve's, I met a colon cleansing salesman. He claimed a lot for his kit. The price was steep. The colon was an obsession growing up. Quite regular analysis/discussion of the consistency, length, and color of stools to indicate health. Lots of books on colon cleansing systems in my house etc. In other words I am no stranger to the claims of colon cleansing.

Well, this guy claimed his colon cleanser was much more adanced than the system of Jason Winter (another colon cleansing guy with books to boot). He claimed it cleaned you so well, you may experience milk in your stools. But not just any milk mind you. We're talking about milk from long ago. As in breast or bottled milk from your younger days. Has anyone out there experienced shitting milk? If so, did you experience a sense of relief, nostalgia etc. ?

In case you're wondering, try this (you'll be changed I promise):

Easy to carry to Todd an…

The New GutCult

A message from Aaron McCollough:

Dear Kind Hearted Readers of GutCult:

I’m pleased to announce the release of the Summer 2005 issue of GutCult ( I hope you will come by and spend some of your psychic capital on getting to know the poems and poets that make up this new edition. Also, please distribute this message wherever you think it might find sympathetic readers

Poets featured in this issue are:

Anne Gorrick
Devin Johnston
Donna Stonecipher
K. Silem Mohammad
Chris Vitiello
Timothy David Orme
Sawanko Nakayasu
Peter Jay Shippy
Lauren Haldeman
Ken Rumble
Jon Thompson
Catherine Cafferty
Bruce Covey
Dustin Hellberg
Simon DeDeo
Mark Lamoureux
Anthony Hawley
Gareth Lee
Jennifer Tynes
Marc Rahe
Nick Twemlow
Brian Lucas
Antonio Facchino

A Review of David Meiklejohn’s Plots by Brian Howe
A Review of Three Chapbooks from Ugly Duckling Presse by Chris Vitiello

Keep an eye on GutCult in the coming year, as a new look is planned for Winter 2006.

check it out here:

The New Shampoo

This just in from Del Ray Cross:

is now hot off the shelf and ready for your shower.

Rinse and repeat and repeat with poetry by Alli Warren, Amanda Laughtland, Anselm Berrigan, Beth Woodcome, Bill Berkson, Brent Cunningham, C. S. Carrier, Carolyn Gregory, Cassie Lewis, Catherine Meng, Cedar Sigo, Charles Bernstein, Chris Stroffolino, Christopher Wells, Clark Coolidge, Cynthia Sailers, Dan Beachy-Quick, Del Ray Cross, Denise Duhamel, Eileen Tabios, Elaine Equi, Eric Raanan Fischman, Geoffrey Cruickshank- Hagenbuckle, Harvey Goldner, Jack Kimball, Janean Williams, Jennifer Dannenberg, Jim Behrle, Jocelyn Saidenberg, Jonathan Hayes, Joseph Torra, Justin Chin, K. Silem Mohammad, kari edwards, Kathleen Miller, Katina Douveas, Kevin Killian, Kit Robinson, Leslie Scalapino, Michael Farrell, Michael Magee, Michael Robins, Michelle Trigleth, Norma Cole, Otto Chan, Paolo Javier, Phil Crippen, Robert Gluck, Ron Padgett, Ron Silliman, Ronald…


Polyurethane vs. Ester

1. Greater stability in humid environments. Dampness promotes ester foam disintegration.

2. The different raw materials used to manufacture Polyurethane foam usually cost less than those used to manufacture Ester foam.

3. Ester foam’s rough, scratchy surface is usually less desirable than the smoother, softly polyurethane surface.

4. Although both materials are Open Cell, Ester foam cells are generally smaller in structure; therefore they have a tighter airflow. In effect, polyurethane is spongier and more yielding than ester foam.

"In-between" is crap!

I know one of the arguments against avant garde (and post-avant) poetics is when it's disjointed or fragmented or mucks with syntax it's all surface or the poet is a misunderstood genius. I've thought it was a silly argument. I mean what is surface? How do we determine depth?

But lately I've begun to question this idea. The poetry of Bill Knot, Dean Young, James Tate etc. use avant garde techniques for the dominant poetry tradition (whatever it might be called. It doesn't have a name because its the center as in whiteness etc.) I mean the techniques/style without the philosophical/social foundations. It really bugs the hell out of me when someone says they like the style of X poet? Style is clothing. Clothing is surface. Is there anything under the clothing? Sure, maybe not so much a soul, but many parts of the body hidden via societal pressures, fears, etc. In other words power, language, socialization and so on.

So, anyway, back to Bill Knot's poetry. It is …

which romantic poet are you?

You are Percy Bysshe Shelley! Famous for your
dreamy abstraction and your quirky verse,
you're the model "sensitive poet." A
vegetarian socialist with great personal charm
and a definite way with the love poem, you
remain an idol for female readers. There are
dozens of cute anecdotes about you, and I love

Which Major Romantic Poet Would You Be (if You Were a Major Romantic Poet)?
brought to you by Quizilla

The long theme

Doing a three step process with a new ms (with the tentative title of Narcoleptic Lawn).

1st step: Moleskin notes. Phrasings. collages, diagrams, and quotes

2nd step: organizing the notes, fragments into tentative lines on an old PC laptop

3rd step: transferring the tentative lines via usb flash drive onto my powermac and adding them to the ongoing document/manuscript

I find these process quite useful after working on two book length (or serial poems) because it prevents, or at least partially disables, the hostile takeover of my 2nd order reasoning (i.e. how can I link the theme/image/sound/idea on pg. 12 with pg. 13).

I am also heavily revising Campanology for this reason. I feel I was trying too hard to repeat/make it all cohere. Of course I want it to cohere, but in more than one way (i.e. thematically). So the ms Campanology is now retitled Sprog and is broken into three sections:

Section 1: Campanology

section 2: Shem/Sham

Section 3:Sprog

It's was also useful to let the m…