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campanology is now Resident Alien

After some serious revisions, Campanology has now become Resident Alien. Resident Alien has a good chunk of Campanology, but the frame is a lot stronger (sequencing etc.) Resident Alien also circles the ms (as in saucer) in various ways.

Resident Alien = my personal political status in the U.S.

Resident Alien = a lot of people's psychological status (I assume)

Resident Alien= mind/body split. Is the body our home? Do you ever feel like a resident alien in your dying body?

Resident Alien= language as grounded. precise. "concrete" etc. Also language as strange via sound.

And many more. The bells/sounds are the residents in part of the ms, but they are also the aliens.

Nadja by Andre Breton helped me reformulate my ideas.


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