earth and water

Some very good revisions today. It helps to get Campanology rejected by contests. Makes me reorganize, resee, rethink.

So. Campanology is now divided into three sections:

section 1: Resident Alien
Section 2: Shem/Sham
Section 3: Sprog

Section 1 now contains the first 25 pages of a previous ms called Resident Alien. The previous ms Resident Alien has now merged with the ms Narcolepetic Lawn.

Narcoleptic Lawn is organized as five parts with five sections and still has a ways to go.

A little mind trick:

when I think I am working on a new ms right after "finishing" the previous, a realize how the new ms is really an extension of the previous.

I am also reseeing my music. Music is the most abstract of the arts. So, I am looking for ways to reorganzie my use of sound. Balancing it with image. Considering various ways of using diction and breaking the line. I am also using philosophy/rhetoric and exploring the spaces between sentences. The sentences have a less forceful music but are still very compressed (i.e. not "prose")

This conception helps with revising Campanology:

music = wave
image= particle
line= ?

all three merge throughout the manuscript. Right now I am revising with an eye toward particles and the line. I think the music will clear itself once I tighten these other elements.

This process of composing Campanology was like going out to sea for two very intense years and everytime I thought I saw land, I later realized it was not land at all.

Now I am finally back. The waves have stopped rocking for a little while. It's nice to have my feet on the earth again!

I think I prefer shorter trips on the sea. At least for a little while. I wonder what it would be like to compose completely on land?