milk shit/shit milk

While examining dildos and butt plugs and books on the female orgasm at Adam and Eve's, I met a colon cleansing salesman. He claimed a lot for his kit. The price was steep. The colon was an obsession growing up. Quite regular analysis/discussion of the consistency, length, and color of stools to indicate health. Lots of books on colon cleansing systems in my house etc. In other words I am no stranger to the claims of colon cleansing.

Well, this guy claimed his colon cleanser was much more adanced than the system of Jason Winter (another colon cleansing guy with books to boot). He claimed it cleaned you so well, you may experience milk in your stools. But not just any milk mind you. We're talking about milk from long ago. As in breast or bottled milk from your younger days. Has anyone out there experienced shitting milk? If so, did you experience a sense of relief, nostalgia etc. ?

In case you're wondering, try this (you'll be changed I promise):

Easy to carry to Todd and Laura's house after gorging on beer, moonshine, the great bone etc.