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The New Shampoo

This just in from Del Ray Cross:

is now hot off the shelf and ready for your shower.

Rinse and repeat and repeat with poetry by Alli Warren, Amanda Laughtland, Anselm Berrigan, Beth Woodcome, Bill Berkson, Brent Cunningham, C. S. Carrier, Carolyn Gregory, Cassie Lewis, Catherine Meng, Cedar Sigo, Charles Bernstein, Chris Stroffolino, Christopher Wells, Clark Coolidge, Cynthia Sailers, Dan Beachy-Quick, Del Ray Cross, Denise Duhamel, Eileen Tabios, Elaine Equi, Eric Raanan Fischman, Geoffrey Cruickshank- Hagenbuckle, Harvey Goldner, Jack Kimball, Janean Williams, Jennifer Dannenberg, Jim Behrle, Jocelyn Saidenberg, Jonathan Hayes, Joseph Torra, Justin Chin, K. Silem Mohammad, kari edwards, Kathleen Miller, Katina Douveas, Kevin Killian, Kit Robinson, Leslie Scalapino, Michael Farrell, Michael Magee, Michael Robins, Michelle Trigleth, Norma Cole, Otto Chan, Paolo Javier, Phil Crippen, Robert Gluck, Ron Padgett, Ron Silliman, Ronald Palmer, S.J. Holland-Batt, Sean Cole, Shane Allison, Solidad Decosta,
Stephanie Young, Stephen Vincent, Sung-san Hong, Therese Marie Bachand, Tim Yu, Timothy Liu, Tina Celona, William Corbett, and Yedda Morrison; plus LatherLicious ShampooArt by Ronald Palmer and Otto Chan.

What better way to thank you all for five great years of SHAMPOO pleasure!


Del Ray Cross, Editor
clean hair / good poetry

Talk about action-packed. Check it out:




I digs "Under My Wig". Nice. That Shampoo link is going to keep me busy for a while - I started reading some of the work and then got sucked into the tangent of their links section.

From your other post, yes I agree Dean Young is just cool, I'm been reading his and Bob Hicok's work incessantly for weeks.


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