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Sentences/Motion etc.

Selected Quotes of Ernest Fenolossa:

"The eye sees noun and verb as one: things in motion, motion in things."

"Motion leaks everywhere, like electricity from an exposed wire . . . there could be no complete sentence . . . save one which it would take all time to pronounce."

"Thought deals with no bloodless concepts but watches things move under its microscope."

"Metaphor was piled upon metaphor in quasi-geological strata."

"poetry agrees with science and not with logic."

really interesting . . . check it out:

Fenollosa, Pound and the Chinese Character


Laura Carter said…
Thomas over at Pangrammaticon has a good post about how Wittgenstein's approach to philosophy was that of a scientist. The EF quote here about science/logic helps me to see the connection between two seemingly disparate influences. Thanks.
jose luis said…
i've just read a bit of your blog and loved everything i read. soon, i will be back for more.
i have linked you. hope you don't mind.

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