some new books

Just picked up some books from the bookshop in Chapel Hill and Internationalist Books. All via trade credit (with $40 in store credit left):

1) Dalachinsky (Ugly duckling Presse)

2) Xing by Ron Silliman (Factory School)

3) Runes by Robert Kelly (OtherWind Press)

4) The Maximus Poems by Charles Olson (Jargon Corinth Books)

5) American Rush by Maureen Owen (Talisman House)

6) Notebook of a Return to the Native Land by Aime Cesaire (Wesleyan University Press)

7) A California Journal by Robert Kelly (a BIG VENUS Publication)

8) The Germ (Spring 2000)

Just finished reading Stephen Jonas' Selected Poems and it helped me rearrange and rethink my entire ms. One of those life-changing books. I cannot recommend it enough. Jonas absorbed Pound, Olson, and Spicer in a fascinating way.
Linebreaks (time and the line) for the gritty hipster.