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Fascicle is HERE!!!

Prepare to be blown away. This is a very promising literary journal (The best new lit journal I have ever witnessed whether print or online). Ambitious. Well-contextualized.

The very highest caliber (as in Sulfur, Jacket etc.)

Prepare to witness some history folks. If Fascicle keeps going for a while, it will be a part of small press history.

Here's the announcement:

The first issue of Fascicle is here:


The first issue features a special portfolio of Poems
on Poetry by Hebrew Poets from Spain & Provence (12th
– 15th c.) translated by Peter Cole.

Also featured are the first two Fascicle chapbooks,
Duncan's Spiders by Paul White, and Quasi Flanders,
Quasi Extremadura by Andrés Ajens (translated by Erin

Issue one includes critical prose by Eliot Weinberger,
Clayton Eshleman, David Rosenberg, Jon Thompson, Tony
Tost, Thomas Basbøll, Graham Foust, Kent Johnson,
Mikhail Epstein, and Nicomedes Suárez-Araúz. Also:
Jonathan Mayhew on Eshleman's reissued Conductors of
the Pit, and Tony Tost on recent releases.

Fascicle also has a unique feature, Local Poetry News
from 18 different locales/scenes.
There are also interviews with Joseph Donahue and
Standard Schaefer, as well as an extended dialogue
between Dale Smith and Alan Gilbert.

Fascicle also features work from: Fernando Pessoa (tr.
Daniels), Mary Burger, Joan Perucho (tr.
Billitteri/Friedlander), Urmuz (tr. Semilian), Geof
Huth, Coral Bracho (tr. Gander), Pamela Lu, Omar Pérez
(tr. Dykstra/Tejada), Linh Dinh, Rob Stanton, Kent
Johnson, Marcus Slease, Gherasim Luca (tr. Semilian),
Ana Cristina Cesar (tr. de la Torre), Du Fu (tr.
Klein), Mel Nichols, Ariane Dreyfus (tr. Nolan),
Thomas Basbøll, Martha Ronk, Gérard de Nerval (tr.
Lamoureux), Sextus Propertius (tr. Johnston), küçük
Iskender (tr. Nemet-Nejat), Eric Baus, Adam Good,
Stephen Jourdain (tr. K.Waldrop), Joseph Donahue,
Sophocles (tr. Tipton), Ece Ayhan (tr. Nemet-Nejat),
Ken Rumble, Evelyn Schlag (tr. Leeder), Tim Van Dyke,
Daniil Kharms (tr. Ostashevksy), Peter O'Leary, Cesar
Vallejo (tr. Eshleman), Ben Lerner, Li Shangyin (tr.
Klein), Carla Harryman, Lev Rubinshtein (tr.
Metres/Tulchinsky), Evie Shockley, FT Marinetti (tr.
Encke), Aaron McCollough, Anise Koltz (tr. Joris),
Chris Vitiello, Cheng Hui (tr. Bradley), Simon Pettet,
Sappho (tr. Vincent), David Berridge, Valerie Mejer
(tr. Giancola), Buck Downs, Astrid Lampe (tr. Nolan),
Philip Metres, Andrea Zanzotto (tr. Chambliss), José
Martí (tr. Weiss), Todd Sandvik, Dino Campana (tr.
Ballardini), Celal Silay (tr. Nemet-Nejat), Adam Clay,
Sagawa Chika (tr. Nakayasu), Shimon Ballas (tr.
Alcalay/Shelach), Tony Tost, Abe Hinako (tr. Sato),
Lara Glenum, César Marañón (tr. Suárez-Araúz), Ulf
Stolterfoht (tr. R.Waldrop), Mary Margaret Sloan,
Reina María Rodríguez (tr. Dykstra), Judith Goldman,
Rodrigo Garcia Lopes (tr. Daniels), Edna Sarah
Beardsley, José Kozer (tr. Weiss), Jerome Rothenberg,
Meredith Quartermain, Henry Parland (tr. Göranssen),
K. Silem Mohammad, Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe (tr.
Rothenberg), Standard Schaefer, Wen Yiduo (tr. Klein),
M. NourbeSe Philip, Abelardo Núñez de Arce (tr.
Suárez-Araúz), Alessandro Niero (tr. Sweet), Brent
Cunningham, Takarabe Toriko (tr. Sato), Noah Eli
Gordon, Nguyen Dang Thuong (tr. Dinh), Nishiwaki
Junzaburô (tr. Hirata), Stacy Szymaszek, Jaime Luis
Huenún (tr. Borzutzky), Matthew Henriksen, Bedri Rahmi
Eyüboglu (tr. Nemet-Nejat), Carlos A. Aguilera (tr.
Gudding), Semezdin Mehmedinovic (tr. Alcalay), Can
Yücel (tr. Nemet-Nejat), Tim Peterson, Amalia Iglesias
& Lola Velasco (tr. Mayhew), Salvatore Camilleri (tr.


Tony Tost, editor
Kent Johnson, contributing editor (translations)
Chris Vitiello & Ken Rumble, contributing editors


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