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watched the movie Crash last night. Really well done. Much better than Shortcuts or Magnolia etc. in weaving multiple plots and characters. The movie deals with race with compassion and complexity.

See it if you haven't already.

I cried three times during the movie (which is very unusual for me).


Chris Vitiello said…
I heard there was something in your eye, Marcus.
Ken Rumble said…
Crash as in the Cronenberg film?

How do you see race in it?

If you are talking about Cronenberg's, hot damn, man -- no kidding. Brilliant film.

Couldn't ride in a car the same for a week at least.
postpran said…
That's a crazy good film too. But this is a new film with the same title. Just came out on DVD. Check it out and feel the fucked-up world with compassion.

it's good.

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