what is it about the penis

I am wondering what the ratio might be between ancient art celebrating the life giving powers of the penis versus ancient art celebrating the life giving powers of the vagina?

Sometimes I feel guilt for having a penis. I mean all the horrible history (the many relationships between violence and the penis both literally and symbolically).

But other times it feels good to celebrate the penis (as well as the vagina).

What a long complex history of shame and guilt about female and male genitals. Why? Power and pleasure. Religion.

It's an ongoing struggle. Pleasure can be chaotic, animal-like and must be controlled via shame and guilt. The shame and guilt can often manifest in monstrous ways.

When a woman makes a joke about a big dick it is exciting and powerful. Much different than when a man makes the same joke of course. But I wonder what it would take for men to try on bragging about the vagina? What kind of language? Lick my hood?

I am wondering how the language of the female body can signify energy and motion and power without using the language of the dick banter? Is it possible?