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Belfast legend dies

I heard his name all the time growing up. I was always a Liverpool supporter, but I still pretended to be Georgie Best. As a young boy from Northern Ireland living in England, I was especially chuffed he was from Belfast.

Goodbye Georgie Best


feeling mighty fine this morning. It's cold and rainy. My kind of weather. I've got one class for next semester. Hopefully I'll pick up four or five more.

I'm going to use Rothenberg's Technicians of the Sacred, Waldman's Life or Death, and Kerouac's Dharma Bums. An examination of spirtuality and the word.

I'm hoping to pick up some humanities courses at A&T university. Refresh my Greek gods.

Now I am going in the front room to watch Tarkovsky's Nostalghia. I've been really enjoying watching the Hellraiser movies lately. Watching pain empties the brainpan.

More animal less human!

I can't I'm Mormon

My best sex was when it was prohibited. We hung pictures of Jesus on the ceiling to try and stay righteous. I ended up coming while looking at Jesus on the ceiling.

Maybe I need Jesus again!


My name is Marcus and I have a mind/body problem


Ever since Scott Pierce visited these parts, my forehead has felt strange. Every time I touch it, it feels like thin paper. Maybe rice paper?

In other news, I am writing some children's passages for a freelance gig (thanks to Todd Sandvik). The audience is lower income African American boys with low reading comprehension. It's really interesting toying around with sentence structures and seeing how it changes the Flesch-Kincaid Grade Level (under readability stats in Word).

Right now I am working on a short fiction piece about freedom fighters. I think it will take place just beyond a forest in a swamp.

Showed my Lit class Robert Frank's Pull My Daisy. They didn't laugh. Why?

Serious playfulness is seriously needed among students!

Also, interesting to see the review of Pull my Daisy in the NY Times.

Gregory Korso?????

NY Times Review

I am really enjoying reading Amy King's blog. I especially liked her statement about liking more personal poetry blogs. I've often felt I…

Nov Blue Door and DC Readings

Sarah Manguso and Julian Similian rocked at the DC.

Julian unleashed a gigantic snake and Sarah moved us elliptical.

Sarah was funny. Sometimes quirky. Sarah delved into love and death in non-ironic ways without shame!

Julian took us into letters from a far off country.

Then Scott Pierce read some great selections, one of which is due out next year from Spork Publishing (The Exploder)

I interviewed Scott for almost two hours on Thursday evening. An edited version of the interview and his reading will be available via Mipo radio soon.

Stay tuned.

Meanwhile, here are some pics from the Blue Door Reading

Julian Semilian

Scott Pierce

Sarah Manguso and Joe Donahue

David Need, Tony Tost, and Todd Sandvik

some of the crowd at The Blue Door reading

my poetry reviews at miPoesias magazine

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David Need's article

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Dan Albergotti Poetry Reading on miPo Radio

Dan Albergotti read as part of the UNC Greensboro reading series. Check out the audio here:

Dan Albergotti Reading

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Some good readings already recorded and many more to come.