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here we go here we go here we go O HERE! WE! GO!

Another Lucifer Poetics roadtrip this weekend. We are going to read in Atlanta, GA and Athens, GA

I am very excited to meet some of the Atlanta Poets Group. I think Brian Howe and I are going to try out some of collaboration: This is the Motherfucking Remix.

Here are the details and lineup for Atlanta (if you are in the area come meet us, hang etc.)

Friday, Dec. 2nd
8 PM
EYEDRUM Suite 8, 290 MLK Jr. Drive SE, Atl, GA 30312
p. 404.522.0655
$4 donation

Ken Rumble
Julian Semilian
Todd Sandvik
Tim Earley
Brian Howe
Randall Williams
Marcus Slease
David Need
Ted Pope


didi said…
looking forward to whatever you come up with. If you can interview Ken and David, I would appreciate. If you can't make David this trip then we leave him for the next.



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