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Notes from Seoul


Mona is warm
and my lap is warm
when we will I hear this purr?

Iris chases a fake mouse
and climbs the walls

sharp branches scrape
the roof

silent Boxing Day
without snow


I am flying to Korea. I am on a plane flying to Korea. I want to hold it between my hands. My soul houses a soul. The plane houses a few hundred people. Down below the world resembles an ice rink.

I am on a long flight from Chicago to Seoul. Altitude 38400 feet. Speed 466 MPH. Only five hours in the air and it feels like days. This is the fastest manner.

Traditional Korean meal on the plane washed down with Hite. I haven’t slept. Left at 8 am on December 31st. Now it is Jan 1st 10:17 AM. Where does time go? Time is first to go.

I think in the distance
It was raining and I don’t have an umbrella
Enough fish oil repels
The person on the left is eating raw cow tongue
The sexiest food creates an awkward movement

To get it right with standard meteorologists
the usual cart of drinks and the faces of people

Lost in Seoul

I just back from Seoul. I love that city. So much energy. I picked up a nice leather briefcase for work and a beautiful Buddhist bell. Met some college students who wanted to practice their English with me. I saw three other white people in the whole city. It was a really great experience. But then I lost Vicky and Jimmy (my Korean hosts). Figuring out the subway back from Seoul was easy. But I got off at the Bus terminal and tried asking what bus to take for Wal Mart. I couldn't communicate. So I walked around outside. I didn't know my address and I forgot the name of our area. So I walked around trying to ask for Wal Mart. After many failed attempts I hailed a taxi and told them I wanted Wal mart. The taxi driver said "Wal Marte." I said "yes Wal Mart." So he took me on the freeway and 10,000 won later I was at Wal Mart. But it was the wrong one. I tried to explain I wanted "the other Wal Mart" but he didn't understand. So he took me to the …

squid and pork

I've been in Korea for a week but it feels like years. I really like the Soju ( a hard rice based liquor). I have been teaching little kids this week but I will teach older kids soon in a program called GATE (gifted and talented education). It's been really busy. Yesterday i worked from 9 AM and didn't get home until 9 PM, but it should level out soon. The GATE program is an elite program and the school is developing the English program so it's hectic right how.

I am also enjoying sitting on the floor with a nice cushion. It's a lot more comfortable than I thought it would be. I went to a barber shop only to find it was a brothel and they didn't like foreigners (there was a spinning pole that indicated a barber shop but that's just a disguise. It wasn't a pleasant experience.

Wal mart has helped me out. I've been there every night this week for supplies. But even Wal Mart is a strange experience in Korea. No one speaks English and it smells very stra…