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wonderland 2/25/06


I discovered
much later, for
the social
of language

a little more from Wonderland


I want to populate new cities

A thicker ear abstracts me

Tea tends to give me the trots

And alas this dust unsettles me


Valentines Day

the six-year olds
gave me
chocolate &


This is JakJeon

A constant buzz of lights

The smells are strong and the pavement is uneven

My hands are filthy and my mouth is drying out


Korea is inefficient but some of the folks are fantastic

Everything is in the air

I’m leaving Wonderland for Gyeongin National University

Just like a faucet there’s comfort
in the sound
of small drops
through a pinhole


I do believe
I have a naked

no one makes these rules

my movements
are regular
& my shit

there are different names for the same thing

God knows justice is smug



boil the burns
stitch the season
& I’ll follow you
into this dark

a few more pics

from top to bottom:

1) famous Korean king

2) Peking duck (in a nice park in Seoul)

3) Quick shot of Osaka, Japan

4) A Buddhist temple in the middle of the city (sinchon I think)

5) Old Buddhist temple in Seoul

a few pics from Seoul

In order from top to bottom:

1) Live Jazz club in Seoul (Itewon)

2) food stand (they are everywhere in Seoul. Cheap and good on the tummy after a few pints)

3) My compact apartment

Notes from Korea (part three)

I've tentatively decided to name this new project/ms WONDERLAND. It fits perfectly. Here are a few more rough entries. All of these are unrevised. I will revise more later.


My anti-hero has painful hiccups

At the end of this journey
I will become a blip
in other words in or
above the clouds.

I keep hearing Mona’s meow but she is halfway across the world.

The coffee was warm but my foot is asleep.

Does it take longer to spot or spy?
Both require my small eye.


It’s really
moment by

what a glorious

paying at-
tention is hard


Six days till payday and I have ten dollars left

I am keeping it cool


Four days till payday

I am still cool


Incomplete language does not truncate desire
My mother tongue is on the roof
of my mouth

This is not London

This is not Seattle

This is not Portadown

My Irish tongue wants back

I have too many tongues

This is not Ireland
This is not America
This is not England

I have an Irish cousin teaching in Seoul.

His tongue is almost my tongue.


More Notes from Korea

I lost the usb cord for my camera, but as soon as I find one I will post some pictures from Korea and from my recent visit to Osaka, Japan. In the meantime, here are some more notes from Korea:


This is a dry climate. Dust builds on the counters. Everyone’s older on the slush. A ghostly rat rides me. Saving face in all the rooms without keen interrests. Ten years out the machine backs down and each neuron drifts. It’s not a dream but it still drives me batty.

I wanted to travel lighter. I sold almost all my books to travel the world. If I get through this will I write poetry? What is this and what am I writing? Don’t let me be lonely.

I want to read for the first time. Without an as or an if. Put the pins back in the soap. Sometimes the music is too weak. Coming out and wanting my mind back.

This is not
the end or
it is the beginning

I am still thinking with my old mind. Where is my new mind?
Minimalism attracted me for a long time. We’ll see what happens.


One step ahead with a d…