hell passes over


I believe in heaven and hell. What is hell other than hell? Hell is not like anything. Other things are like hell. It hurts like hell means it hurts a lot. Hell is about torture.

The lower ninety percent of static latching is also called hell. The upper ten percent of wondering can feel something like hell.

Choice is a harlot. Fate is a gigolo. Captialists are on my left shoulder and priests are on my right. The priests are not priests but trembling fists.

Hell is not a battlezone
It is a trusted servant of the mouth

I've cheap clothes from Korea and cheap clothes from the U.S.
Hell is wearing stiff shirts from Korea.

Love is neither created nor destroyed.. .

I believe in pins and needles

I’ve got no bets to hedge

Humans are tricky

I am in Korea watching trees
the bard is in the bark

It's getting heavy

I'm isolated
& I've lost
my giddy purpose