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leaving my goshiwon

I am leaving my goshiwon in 15 min for a new place in Gangnam. Goodbye to terrible tiolets! My new place is very clean and modern. I am sharing it with a Korean roommate who speaks very good English. It will take about an hour to travel to work everyday, but it's worth it.

Now I just have to catch a taxi and ride for an hour with all my stuff. Then, finally, I can settle in. My room in the new place is very big. I even saw a real coffee shop and a diner. The pavement is even. I can walk again!


Anonymous said…
hi. ^^;
I really hope that you can enjoy living Korea and working korea. ^^
Anonymous said…
This is Michelle ^^;
bye for now.
Actaull it was my blog.
pls visit ^^;
postpran said…
nice blog michelle. Some really interesting pics

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