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without a way out



I speak to the mothers because I have the right format

Every building is a big block building

Every city has the same shops, the same food, the same signs

Maybe in ten years the word for foreigner will disappear

There is no honor in Wondland

The law is not FOR foreigners

GATE is being branded and I took part in the selling

scam, hoax, a hex
on my white
face sold to the mothers

I am $4000 in the hole

I live in a small room and
I ride a pack-
ed train


The mind that ran me is the mind that runs me. I am still my old self but in a new shell. Whose mind minds me but my own. I live in a small room. My clothes hang above me on a bar. Some of the shirts are frayed and thus unraveling. What unravels and then reveals me? This mouth tethers me. But to what?


Don't know when this will level off
Don't know when the dust will settle

Wonderland refuses to cancel my visa so I can work at the university. They signed a letter of release but the law means little. It takes forever to get anything done. I am thinking of finding another country. They want to blacklist me because they couldn't find a new teacher. They want me to teach for them while I teach at the university. They signed a letter releasing me and I paid well over a thousand dollars in damage fees. The broke their contract but I must pay.

This is a strange system

I am not Kafka but I want to write through this

The law is not the law but a series of strange characters. You cannot leave a job without a letter of release. A letter of release does not release you. It is only a piece of paper. Immigration gets money from the hogwans. Foreigners give money to the hogwans. Recruiters promise a great time at a hogwan. The letter of release was hard to get. But a letter of release is only a piece of paper. Even after release you can be placed on a blacklist. The hogwan doesn’t need a reason except that you are foreign. A blacklist prevents you from working. Wonderland is blackmailing me.

This is a strange system.


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