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my new glasses

Some quick thoughts on Korea

Korea is going through some big changes. The women's movement is just getting started and a lot of foreigners are pushing for civil rights. It hasn't totally kicked into high gear yet (not quite the 60's), but it might get there. Some university students are protesting against the Americanization of Korea and some of my female students are bold and speak up in class.

A few while ago some American soldiers raped a Korean girl. There is a place called Itaewon about 20 min on the subway from where I live. It is a little America with lots of wannabe gang bangers and fights every weekend with Russians, Koreans, American soldiers. There is a lot of great international food though.

Everything is Confucian here so it's all about ranking. The first thing a Korean asks is your age so they can know how to speak to you. If you are an older male you are called "Oppa" and they have to pour your drinks and all sorts of things.

The conversation with a stranger normally goes li…

pics from my Thursday afternoon class at the university

more from Wonderland (in progress and always changing)

(Gangnam, South Korea, March 31st, 2006)

I’ve never heard of a conscious monotype
the shower curtain illuminates a dead body
I’ve a glittering exterior but a gloomy interior
the days are shifting and I am unable to reach you

this is not a grim joke

spring is coming is coming is coming
to Korea to Korea
the dust from china will blow out
to sea and the source of light
will twitch and I will
grow old and regal

pics from saturday night in Hongdae

all is well

I had a really good birthday celebration last night in Hongdae with my cousin and some friends. I drank a little too many shots and I have quite the headache this morning. I didn't get rip-roaring drunk. I just do the buzz these days. But mixing drinks does my head in.

I have a Korean roommate and a French roommate here in Gangnam. They are both very cool. My situation has improved dramatically! Rami might even teach me a bit of French.

I am off to the Coex Mall to get some new glasses. I live two stops from this huge hip mall with lots of international food. Coex Mall also houses the Apple Store for Seoul.

Fate? Shit I don't know. But after so many coincidences it's hard not to believe something is at work. It's hard to seperate subjective experiences. But in the end it really doesn't matter if fate is an objective fact. Subjective fate is still fate.

Gotta go do some after grog bog now.