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more from Wonderland (in progress and always changing)

(Gangnam, South Korea, March 31st, 2006)

I’ve never heard of a conscious monotype
the shower curtain illuminates a dead body
I’ve a glittering exterior but a gloomy interior
the days are shifting and I am unable to reach you

this is not a grim joke

spring is coming is coming is coming
to Korea to Korea
the dust from china will blow out
to sea and the source of light
will twitch and I will
grow old and regal


Homelesseus said…
thoughtful thoughts! Touche! Check out the work of Homelesseus at
Homelesseus said…
check out
postpran said…
thanks Bill. I a m enjoying your short poems. I especially dig "The Cycle." I will keep reading!

all the best,


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