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pics from saturday night in Hongdae

An English woman with two Aussies

two crazy fellas

cool drinks

andrew and co-worker


JWG said…
all that fun and i was only a subway stop away. Po jon ma cha in the pink tent. a pool where you can dip yr feet and make friends. hongday is a bit fun for me (sure you've heard that before ie fun for me)
postpran said…
You live near Hongdae? Damn. We still need to get together. Maybe we should do a reading tour of Korea!
JWG said…
I live in Shin Chon. one stop from Ewa women's university. one stop from hondgae.
JWG said…
I wonder if we could line up something at Yonsei University and at the university where you are teaching. I'd like to get down to jeju. and, think i am leaving korea late June. bout 90% sure
postpran said…
Do you mean a field trip? By the way, how do you like Yonsei university? I like my university, but it would be nice to meet some Korean professors who are artists, philosophers etc.

damn you're leaving in June! We gotta do something.

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