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korean stars

north Seoul

I just moved to north Seoul. it's about an hour and a half commute to work. But it's much cleaner than Gangnam. I live in Ssangmun. It is close to Dongdaemun. Dongdaemun has cheap clothes. last night I went to the Dongdaemun night market. None of the clothes fit me. It was frustrating. So I had to go to the luxury basement full of imported items. The imported items included CK, D&G, Hugo Boss etc. I spent $50 on a nice t-shirt from Italy. I guess I can only buy "luxury" items in Korea. Cheap clothes don't fit my body in Korea.

For some strange reason I am enjoying fashion. Maybe my mind/body split is clearing up. I can think, feel, and care about materialistic things. HM . . .

eating some noodles with my sam gyup sal

quick snapshot

some really wet paint

Seoul Station
(May 5th 2006)

Waiting for a bullet train I am heading to Pusan to see some Korean sea. It’s overcast, dirty, dusty, muggy. My shirt sticks to my body. It smells like shit and everyone is mumbling in staccato. Rush. Push. Bali bali. An old Korean lady (ajima) wanted money. When I refused she slapped my ass.

Pusan, Korea
(May 6th 2006)

“In the prosaic rooms of our later understanding . . .”
(Walter Benjamin)

I’m at the roulette wheel at Paradise Casino. I’ve never gambled with money. Heavy flooding outside and I have wet jeans, wet socks, and a wet head. I’m winning a few hundred at the wheel. I’ve many holes to fill. Turning language: turning tricks. I’m not holding, or folding. I’m letting go. From dry earth, modeled, stretched, torn, twisted my gods stretch out in rows upon rows of old teeth. A coarse shadow in the absence of draperies. Blood and fungus. I am building an illusion of choice.

Hot Sun Restaurant
(Gangnam, Korea May 17th 2006)

Baked chicken and Budweiser. Yellow ra…

wonderland (the paint is still wet)

(Gangnam, South Korea, April 6th 2006)

What can I tell you about Korea?
Got this new moleskin for my pocket and some square glasses with a red frame
I sweat on the subway I SWeat on the bus I SWeat in the classroom I SWeat & I SWeat
Got a package with new shirts and sweets from Tiffany
I am working on getting the bones back in my face
Got a package full of vitamins and fish oil
An Egyptian poet was delivered to my door
He speaks French and his name is Rami
Got an electric shaver for hectic mornings
I got and I got and I get and I get
Last night Rami and I ate fire chicken and relieved ourselves with an egg sandwich
Last night I awoke early with a yearning for Mona
My new bathroom smells musty but my room is huge
I crave a Baltic mist, the cold sea, the voice of a Russian woman
I am an alien but this is UFO BULLSHIT
The yellow dust is blowing in from China
I cannot see the sky

Gecko’s Lounge
(Itaewon, South Korea, April 9th 2006)

Itaewon is little America


I am getting ready to start my commute this morning. It's a tad exhausting but not in time. It only takes 45 min. 25 min in the subway and about 20 min on the bus. But it's the traffic. The crowds. The sweaty bodies stacked against each other. The herky jerky bus with abrupt turns and stops and starts. By the time I get to the university I am a bit nackered.

ten years ago

Well, time is strange as we all know. Ten years ago I got married to a wonderful woman and in two months I will be divorced. We are still good friends but it is difficult. I don't know where I am headed. I don't know if I will ever marry again. But I don't plan to be lonely either. I will try a roaming lifestyle. A nomadic existence.

We'll see what happens.