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north Seoul

I just moved to north Seoul. it's about an hour and a half commute to work. But it's much cleaner than Gangnam. I live in Ssangmun. It is close to Dongdaemun. Dongdaemun has cheap clothes. last night I went to the Dongdaemun night market. None of the clothes fit me. It was frustrating. So I had to go to the luxury basement full of imported items. The imported items included CK, D&G, Hugo Boss etc. I spent $50 on a nice t-shirt from Italy. I guess I can only buy "luxury" items in Korea. Cheap clothes don't fit my body in Korea.

For some strange reason I am enjoying fashion. Maybe my mind/body split is clearing up. I can think, feel, and care about materialistic things. HM . . .


Young A said…
Hi, Marcus.
It's Young A. U remember me?
(We've been art gallery together.)
Nice blog, really.
How R U doing these days?
U just moved to north Seoul!!
Is it better than south?:D
Hope it's a nice place to you.
Hmm,we should have had brunch before. :(
Anyway, how about going to see the exibition of Picasso or else?
Cause I'll have a summer vacation next month, plz let me know your convenient time.
Have a nice week-end there!
and see you soon~
JWG said…
I just saw Pablo today. lot o people there. maybe it will die down later.

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