more wonderland

Gestures and Greetings
(Ssangmun, South Korea, May 30th 2006)

“If a man has character he will have the same experience over and over again.”

He’s completely wrong > I could veil myself in speculation because I’m such a pig-headed bastard > the answer is: “You don’t need talent to be a genius” > my head has to cope with itself in a completely different way > > If a man has a body he also has characters > characters may ask: “What am I working for or against?” > and “What kind of person are you?” > I’m among various and sundry things > shedding tears and brandishing my fist when I play my cock > I’m always behind with everything > it’s the idea of fungus > virtually interchangable even if the results are apparitions > one character cannot say ‘I’m making something beautiful” without another character crying bullshit! >

The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf
(Hyewah, South Korea, May 26th 2006)

There was a man with a radio strapped to his neck. He crawled on his knees and cupped his hands to people passing. I don’t know his past but I’ve lost my compassion. Life is short. The subways are crowded. Everything is wise and wrong. There are theatres and galleries and jazz clubs. This is a place for the young. A strap on yr tongue old man. Prayers beat against the wall. I’m clean on the outside and dirty on the inside.