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new hair week two

my new hair

three Irish cousins in Seoul, Korea

Andrew, me, and Jonathon


Been working out for the past two weeks. Three times a week. One hour cardio. 20 min of various crunches with weights etc.

But here's the strange thing: I gained 2 kilos.

I've even been eating small meals. Sometimes just two sandwiches. One for lunch and one for dinner.


Maybe it's a bit of muscle.

Concerning the personal

I lost a lot of my English for six months in Korea and tried to refind it via clear concise sentences. That was the beginning of my ms Wonderland. It was an interesting experiment. I had a difficult time reading novels and poetry with complex vocabulary. My day to day English was severely limited and I lost the ability to engage in complex thought.

But all of this was very helpful.

The limits of language limit my world. This is the language of experience.

At 2 AM, when I close my eyes, I can see clearly.

Losing my way is finding my way.

I compose word collages from 4PM-8PM Mon-Fri. I write longhand with six or seven source books open. I scan them very rapidly over strong coffee and very loud music. The music is on shuffle from Dvorak to Broken Social Scene.

I create a maze of sounds and images and try to navigate my way out during revision. The navigation is about finding various levels of meaning. Not all of the meanings are conscious. But not all of the meanings are unconscious either…

feeling restless and rough

I am feeling restless and rough. The rain just won't stop. I normally don't mind a bit of misty rain. But this heavy rain is getting to me. It's summer break but I am just staying inside writing and perhaps thinking too much. Feel like I need to get out of here. Somewhere else. But I do have a good uni gig here in Korea. I guess I'll just stick it out till Feb and then see what happens. if only I had a trustfund! AH. If only!

I do crave Europe. My mind is feeling a bit weighty lately. Can't really pin-point it. Need to let loose and go a bit crazy. It's nice having two months off but I need some friends to share it with damn it! I still teach about 10 hours a week, but I am going a bit stir crazy with my free time. Don't like some of my tutoring. Well, one tutoring gig in particular. Mainly it's the commute. I travel 3 hours total on the subway and bus to teach for 3 hours at the lowest possible wage per hour. I didn't do my research. I thought I wou…

reading location

It won't stop raining here in South Korea. Flooding etc. Heavy rain for almost seven days and nights. Non-stop. In other news irony is finding its way into Wonderland. Or maybe it's a little wit.

What is between irony and elegy?

Some current reading projects:

Walter Benjamin (Reflections)

Jonathan Williams (selected poems)

Tolstoy (Resurrection)

Art of the 20th Century (2 volume set by Taschen)

Kenzaburo Oe (The Silent Scream)

Rene Char (Selected Poems)

I will need more books soon. Location matters. But so does my reading material. If I had to choose, it would be reading then location. I need to read most times before I can get down to writing.

With Wonderland I am exploring the interaction of place and reading. Reading place and placing my readings.


Some serious rain in South Korea today. It is monsoon season I guess. I'm not in the mood to venture outdoors today for my usual Kim Bap for lunch. But I have some bread, peanut butter, and some cream cheese. So a cream cheese peanut butter toasty.

I think I am gonna watch a BBC special on my laptop called The Century of the Self. Freud is the central character of course.

If any of you poets need a job that allows for some interesting experiences, good money, and plenty of time to write, COME TO KOREA and teach ESL. But do not teach at a hogwan like Wonderland etc. Teach at a university.

Korea= best wages
Japan= best lifestyle
Taiwan= decent wages and decent lifestyle

I haven't saved much yet. I just wish there were a good artist community like Lucipo (well nothing can be LIKE Lucipo but . . .)

Maybe I should try Cork. Mairead Byrne is writing some great postings about the Sound Eye Poetry Festival in Cork. I wish I could have seen some of the great performances and met some of my id…

ok, not!

I've decided to keep this space and use it for off the cuff shit. talk. Get a bit personal etc.

The Wonderland Blog will contain excerpts from my work in progress as well as pics, movies etc.

Today I am feeling very lonely for my books. I thought I could give them up. But I keep looking for them. Where o where!!!

I have two nice big boxes of books in safe keeping. At the end of my travels it's my magic goat!

So, it's summer. I am getting used to the food. I have a personal trainer who promises to "rip me."

I'll see what happens.

I've never been ripped.

I am only interested in ripping my stomach.

Enough for now.

Poland or Mexico next year? Or back to the States for while? Gotta keep moving.

Time to reinvent.