feeling restless and rough

I am feeling restless and rough. The rain just won't stop. I normally don't mind a bit of misty rain. But this heavy rain is getting to me. It's summer break but I am just staying inside writing and perhaps thinking too much. Feel like I need to get out of here. Somewhere else. But I do have a good uni gig here in Korea. I guess I'll just stick it out till Feb and then see what happens. if only I had a trustfund! AH. If only!

I do crave Europe. My mind is feeling a bit weighty lately. Can't really pin-point it. Need to let loose and go a bit crazy. It's nice having two months off but I need some friends to share it with damn it! I still teach about 10 hours a week, but I am going a bit stir crazy with my free time. Don't like some of my tutoring. Well, one tutoring gig in particular. Mainly it's the commute. I travel 3 hours total on the subway and bus to teach for 3 hours at the lowest possible wage per hour. I didn't do my research. I thought I would charge less since the person is a student but it turns out she is not paying for the tutoring. Her parents are rich as hell and negotiated the lowest price possible. Teachers with no experience (never mind university teachers) are getting way more for tutoring. SHIT! Being nice isn't working in Korea. Gotta get a bit more tough!

If it wasn't for the commuting this wouldn't be so bad.