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ok, not!

I've decided to keep this space and use it for off the cuff shit. talk. Get a bit personal etc.

The Wonderland Blog will contain excerpts from my work in progress as well as pics, movies etc.

Today I am feeling very lonely for my books. I thought I could give them up. But I keep looking for them. Where o where!!!

I have two nice big boxes of books in safe keeping. At the end of my travels it's my magic goat!

So, it's summer. I am getting used to the food. I have a personal trainer who promises to "rip me."

I'll see what happens.

I've never been ripped.

I am only interested in ripping my stomach.

Enough for now.

Poland or Mexico next year? Or back to the States for while? Gotta keep moving.

Time to reinvent.


Anonymous said…
any luck in finding a good personal trainer? let me know if you have a good one to recommend. chers. jon

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