Some serious rain in South Korea today. It is monsoon season I guess. I'm not in the mood to venture outdoors today for my usual Kim Bap for lunch. But I have some bread, peanut butter, and some cream cheese. So a cream cheese peanut butter toasty.

I think I am gonna watch a BBC special on my laptop called The Century of the Self. Freud is the central character of course.

If any of you poets need a job that allows for some interesting experiences, good money, and plenty of time to write, COME TO KOREA and teach ESL. But do not teach at a hogwan like Wonderland etc. Teach at a university.

Korea= best wages
Japan= best lifestyle
Taiwan= decent wages and decent lifestyle

I haven't saved much yet. I just wish there were a good artist community like Lucipo (well nothing can be LIKE Lucipo but . . .)

Maybe I should try Cork. Mairead Byrne is writing some great postings about the Sound Eye Poetry Festival in Cork. I wish I could have seen some of the great performances and met some of my idols!

Things are cooking in the alternative arts world in Ireland (and it can really be called alternative in Ireland in comparison to say America).

I still don't know what to call the poetry I love:

Alternative if it is really alternative to something big and mainstream.

Experimental only touches on some of the poetics.

Investigative is the closest I think, but maybe too specific (Ed Sanders etc.)

Avant Garde is dead (or maybe that statement makes it alive!!!)

Post-Avant is trying too hard!

I do know there are some REAL epistomological differences between the poetic tradition of the avant garde and the mainstream world of Norton etc.

It's not only marketing.