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recovering in ireland

It feels good to sleep in my cousin's bed and eat an Ulster Fry and walk the footbridge into downtown portadown for a sausage supper with Chinese gravy

videos will soon appear on the wonderland website under "ireland"

Portadown, N. Ireland tomorrow

I am flying to Dublin then getting picked up by my aunt and then I will be in my birth town. This is my last night in Seoul.
But leaving is painful cause I got my close cousin and a girl I admire and love in Seoul. Wonderland will include a Poland and Ireland section. keep checking it for updates: new poems, pics, and videos. I miss my friends. So, till Ireland and Poland (and lets hope no delays for liquid bombs).

Keep checkin Wonderland

vote for your favourite vowel

Sweatin like crazy but now I am showered and in my Korean nightshirt. It is purple with little cotton buttons. My dreamshirt. This is the first time I will wear it to bed.


hm . . .

I am ready to admit my favourite vowel is . . .


my second favourite is . . .


I am not much fond of . . .