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more Godzeenie soon

I got more pictures and much more recent versions of poems from Godzeenie. Just got to get internet in my flat and then I will post them. It helps to put them out in the world somewhere. Just imagining an audience (however small) helps me to revise.

industrial communist city has lost all charm

I can't stand Katowice. I went to Krakow this weekend and its the place for me. I sent out a few apps for schools and might have an interview in two weeks. Gotta get out of this very very ugly city. Keep steppin in dog shit. Gotta walk fast after work and look like I mean business. The other teacher was robbed at knife point a few weeks ago (which can happen in any city I realise). But I like clean.

In addition to the shitty city, I hate the teaching. It's called the Callan method. Very boring. Regimented. By the book question and answer. No pictures. No activities or creativity. Just rapid fire questions over and over and over again. I need a bit of variation.

It's interesting because I often think a mindless job will give me more energy for writing, but that doesn't seem to be the case. It's a delicate balance. I need interesting work that generates energy for my writing.

I miss speaking English beyond:

Teacher: "Is this a chair? is this a chair? is this a cha…

moved from small town to the city

Just moved from Rybnik to Katowice. I have an amazing flat. The nicest place I have ever lived in any country. But no internet so I am typing this in a smelly train station.

So I am back in a city. More to do. I'm also connected via rail to other cities in Poland and Europe (in Rybnik I was off the beaten path).This week was very isolating and lonely. I made some friends in Rybnik and my social life was very good. Now it's just work and home. I hope things will pick up soon.

Lonliness sucks!!! But I will work though it.

more soon.

I am in Owsiszcze, Poland

Heading to Czech Republic in a few minutes. Great little village on the border named Owsiszcze. Hanging with a real cool gal named Ela and her friends Aga and Iwona. Moving to Katowice tomorrow which is a medium sized city. Jazz club. Nice flat. My 4th flat in POLAND IN four weeks. Amazing. But I do miss the city. So it will be a nice change to move into a Polish city with galleries, art movie houses, and even poetry readings. Although I won't underland a lick of the poetry readings I will check em out anyway. Plus Katowice is connected to all the major cities in eastern Europe. A few hours and I am in Viena etc. Rybnik was a little off the beaten path.

More interesting times ahead.

Katowice here I come! (I think the last pope was from Katowice)

Just purchased a selected Zbiegniew Herbert and received a gift of some poetry of Szymborska. I wanna check out some of the younger poets soon.

But first, I will cross the Polish border and enter a wee town Czech town full of pubs named Ostra…

more godzeenie

The paint is very wet on these. I'm always in progress. These poems will change and mutate no doubt.


Old horse with new
bucket, Hermes in a real
duel with Apollo, I’m gaining
weight, strip the scales, got no bal-
ance, immense rage & fleet
on foot, I strap on my Zbigniew
Herbert, let the bands pass, hour by
hour dedicated to this in-
visible world, another pulled
neck & dust fills my flat.


in the beginning there were answers
I bedded-down for ten years &
bent the bow & my ill-proportioned
executions left me sticky
with poisoned chastity &
under the navel floor
my effigy was the ding an sich
stuck behind the eternal
stink with my washcloth
and wrinkled brow


I am a dried up song at the bottom of the sea where weddings are rehearsed and never completed and I’m stuck with judgements and a mind/body split and I wanna keep the rock moving & reject all else but the lowest but it’s all a one-sided game with justice and desire hanging over my head groping for gestu…


I am starting to hit my stride with the new ms. It's called Godzeenie. Thanks to the help of a nice Polish girl (and fellow artist) I discovered some interesting things about the word:

Godzeenie is a play on the Polish ‘godzina’ which means hour. So the poems are titled according to the time when composition began. Time is also a thematic concern.

Godzeenie is also a play on the sister word of 'godzina' called 'godzenie.' 'godzenie' means to make an agreement ( (ex. Trudne jest godzenie pracy z zabawa - It’s difficult to reconcile work and play). It's about coming to terms, making peace. 'godzenie' also shares roots with ‘godziwosc’, justice/fairness and ‘godnosc,’ dignity.

I first conceived of Godzeenie on my way to Ireland from Korea. I felt each hour on the long journey from Korea and some Polish word popped into my head. Suddenly, the god of the hours was talking to me in the airplane. Now, I find myself addressing Godzeenie at all hours of th…


Finally moved into a new flat and got my very own internet connection. YIPPIE. A little slow but it works.

Poland is fascinating. Lots to see. I am hoping to visit Krakow and Prague in the next few weeks. Meanwhile work is hectic, but I am in Poland so I'll deal.

I am waiting for my mind to return. It should return soon. Then I can create again. I haven't written any poetry for over a week now. Massive withdrawl and irritability.