I am in Owsiszcze, Poland

Heading to Czech Republic in a few minutes. Great little village on the border named Owsiszcze. Hanging with a real cool gal named Ela and her friends Aga and Iwona. Moving to Katowice tomorrow which is a medium sized city. Jazz club. Nice flat. My 4th flat in POLAND IN four weeks. Amazing. But I do miss the city. So it will be a nice change to move into a Polish city with galleries, art movie houses, and even poetry readings. Although I won't underland a lick of the poetry readings I will check em out anyway. Plus Katowice is connected to all the major cities in eastern Europe. A few hours and I am in Viena etc. Rybnik was a little off the beaten path.

More interesting times ahead.

Katowice here I come! (I think the last pope was from Katowice)

Just purchased a selected Zbiegniew Herbert and received a gift of some poetry of Szymborska. I wanna check out some of the younger poets soon.

But first, I will cross the Polish border and enter a wee town Czech town full of pubs named Ostrava.

More soon.