industrial communist city has lost all charm

I can't stand Katowice. I went to Krakow this weekend and its the place for me. I sent out a few apps for schools and might have an interview in two weeks. Gotta get out of this very very ugly city. Keep steppin in dog shit. Gotta walk fast after work and look like I mean business. The other teacher was robbed at knife point a few weeks ago (which can happen in any city I realise). But I like clean.

In addition to the shitty city, I hate the teaching. It's called the Callan method. Very boring. Regimented. By the book question and answer. No pictures. No activities or creativity. Just rapid fire questions over and over and over again. I need a bit of variation.

It's interesting because I often think a mindless job will give me more energy for writing, but that doesn't seem to be the case. It's a delicate balance. I need interesting work that generates energy for my writing.

I miss speaking English beyond:

Teacher: "Is this a chair? is this a chair? is this a chair?"
Student: "Yes, this is a chair."

I have to repeat each question three times very fast with lotsa hand actions. Maybe if I was stoned it would be a little more fun. But can't find much of that either :-)

Despite all this, I have met some wonderful people and I like Poland much more than Korea. The food can be great.

Still don't have internet though. It's taking forever!

I like good cities but dirty ugly cities drain me.

I was gonna fly out to Kiel, Germany this week for an interview teaching business ESL (Kiel is right on the Baltic sea and an hour from hamburg). But I decided I want to stay in Poland at least until June. I mean I just got here. I want to finish Godzeenie and get to know the culture a bit.

ah well, I am not stuck. I am creating other options.

Gotta record the dirt while I am still in it.