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more Godzeenie soon

I got more pictures and much more recent versions of poems from Godzeenie. Just got to get internet in my flat and then I will post them. It helps to put them out in the world somewhere. Just imagining an audience (however small) helps me to revise.


Chris Vitiello said…
hang in there, dude.
why not try robbing people at knifepoint yourself?
JWG said…
I am robbing you at knife point! I am robbing you at knifepoint. I am robbing you at knife point?

Student: Yes, you are
postpran said…
I will make a pretend knife or carry a pointy stick!!!! Maybe I'll buy a toy gun. Or least a potatoe gun.
Samurai said…
How do you do? I've started my blog about Japanese culture arts. I appriciate if you link to my site since I would like many people to know Japanese culture. Thank you!

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