getting the juice back

I've got to remember why I am here. I mean, not on the earth. There's no reason for that. It just is. But I am in Poland to write a manuscript.

But I need a job that's a little interesting to feed my writing. I return home almost always mentally drained every night. I mean, there's a good mental drain and there's a not so good mental drain. I have had much much worse jobs than Callan. But life is too damn short to just float along in a mindless haze doing a mindless job.

I have been here two and a half months and still no internet!!!
soon soon.

If I were in a place where it wasn't possible, that's fine.
But a lot of people have internet.
The one telecommunication company has a monopoly and they take their time.
And what else are you gonna do.
They have THE internet.