neurons in a galaxy of acid

Gonna keep this blog rolling. Keep the voices and lose my self.

That's what I want from art and life.

To lose myself.

To become less self-consciousness.

To experience experience.

I'm in Poland. Recently finished with Korea (but Korea will never be finished with me). I'm seeing parts of the world I never thought I would see. I get depressed and lonely. But it's all worth.

Just make me stronger and don't kill me thank-you very much!

Need to heat up my bones. Keep it cooking.

Maybe I will stay in Poland for a long time. Or maybe I will move to Russia next year. Or maybe I will move back to my childhood home (Ireland). Or maybe I will move back to North Carolina.

For now I've got a lot to explore in Poland and Eastern Europe.

Listening to a lot of gangster rap since I moved to the shit captial of Poland. It helps psychologically. It changes my gait. I tend to get overstimulated so music can zone me in.

Another reason art is vital for me: I need the mindfulness.