I didn't realize how much I appreciate Thanksgiving. For a long time I disowned it because most of my relatives were in Ireland. But then I created some wonderful memories with my ex-wife Tiffany and her friend Missy. Now I am missing them terribly today. A rough week so far. No human contact for a few days. Just in my flat all day and then going to the internet cafe. I had a big argument with my former boss at the Callan school in Katowice. He was very insulting so I walked out. I am counting the days till I am out of Katowice and I start my new job. The lonliness really got to me last night. I am starting to realise my lonliness is deeper than just not having human contact. When I keep busy with work and socializing it is just masking a deeper emptiness. But maybe that's just the way it is.

I do have a lot to be thankful for. I am eating and have a nice place to sleep with running water. I do have friends (even if most of them are half way around the world).


I am going to get out of this internet cafe and find something to eat.