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Showing posts from December, 2006

poland and south korea websites

New website for Poland. Pics, video, audio, and a poetry podcast from my ms Godzeenie.

Click Poland website link on the right.

Also, a website with pics and vids from South Korea and Northern Ireland.

Click South Korea and Ireland link on the right.

on the mend

Only a few weeks till Christmas. Need to figure out how to get to the Slovak mountains. The mountains in Slovakia are supposed to be real nice. Going to the Tatras. Hope it is nice and icy.

another sleepless night

can't get any sleep. It's a friday night (or early Sat morning) in Poland. A boring uneventful night. I am typing this at a friend's house in Poland. I am typing in the dark. Thinking a lot lately. Maybe it's time to take the voyage home. Problem is: I don't know where that is anymore. Since my marriage ended, I have been drifting. Losing consciousness a bit. Keep searching for something just don't know what it is. Or why. Maybe the Ukraine has what I need?