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another sleepless night

can't get any sleep. It's a friday night (or early Sat morning) in Poland. A boring uneventful night. I am typing this at a friend's house in Poland. I am typing in the dark. Thinking a lot lately. Maybe it's time to take the voyage home. Problem is: I don't know where that is anymore. Since my marriage ended, I have been drifting. Losing consciousness a bit. Keep searching for something just don't know what it is. Or why. Maybe the Ukraine has what I need?


Anonymous said…
Home is right here in Nawth Caolienuh. The used book stores are brimming! We need you! Joe D
Chris Vitiello said…
Marcus, go to India. I spent a week in Pune and think you would do well there, for a while. I would go back in a minute, drop almost everything to do it. It pulls on me.
postpran said…
Thanks guys. I would love to settle back in NC. Really hankering for the community. And the books. Oh I miss the books. Reading on the internet is not enough for me. Gotta hold those books. I miss the hours of searching for used books. Thanks Joe. I miss you both! Maybe India would be cool. Eventually gotta find a job back in the U.S. I am realising a good bit of me is American now. Miss Mexican food (or American Mexican food). YUM! Now I am going to eat some bigos (cabbage and Kielbasa). But it's not MexAmerican!
Anonymous said…
Marcus who are you? I post for the first time from America, watching "Lost in Translation" pondering life as you seem to be. Be patient. I imagine we shall all survive. Oh, and I am an teacher of literature to high school students. I must hold books as well.
postpran said…

I often wonder about teaching lit to high school students. Hope you are loving it. Lost in Translation is a good movie for pondering. Where are you located in the U.S.?

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