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Bones from the plague decorate the church in Bohemia

This is a church in Sedlec (a little village outside Prague). The story is a knight went to the holy land during the Crusades and returned with some holy dirt. He sprinkled it outside the church. It became prime real estate for the departed. Big gold coins if you want a place in the holy graveyard. So the places filled up fast. Then the plague came and lots and lots of people died. There were too many bones from the dead. So later a wee monk dug up the bones. He mades nice decorations of all the bones in the church. More room. And art. Ah glorious art. So white and pure. Holy robes indeed.

church of skulls in Sedlec (Bohemia)

back to the notebook

I am using my moleskin again and it feels good. I find it difficult to write when I can't settle my mind about the future. I applied to a lot of independent schools in the U.S., but then I realized it is going to very difficult. Logistics wise it is hard to survive in America without a car. Even if I were offered an interview I would have to fly from Poland with all of my belongings and then try and take a bus to the school campus. Not impossible I guess. I will wait and see what happens. As long as I am creating potential opportunities I feel better.

I don't think I want to teach in a boarding school though. I would like some privacy.

There is also Taiwan. My close cousin is in Taiwan and I could make a comfortable living for a while.

My dreams have been very intense lately. Lots of head cutting and decapitations. A Russian spy was sent to kill me because I was dating a Polish woman.

I am leaving for Prague tomorrow to see an old friend. We went to university together at Weber S…

Chad Helder's Queer Horror

I have been listening to Chad Helder's cd of queer horror. It is an amazing performance of poetry and short stories. The ambient sounds, flashes of insight, and unforgettable images make this cd a must for the brainpan.

There is derelict energy here. Imagine Jack Kerouac reading queer horror with ambient music. It's a purging. A good purging. More effective than an old Greek tragedy. I am amazed at the precise pacing and layered sounds on this cd.

Chad's performance is cinematic and theatrical. POV and ellipsis are handled with subtlety. Disorientation and montage and missing bodies. This is the "id pool" at it finest.

Contact Chad Helder for a copy of the cd at:

Chad Helder's Queer Horror

What next?

I can't seem to shake the feeling I should have a solid career by now. I am heading into my 33rd year and just living from week to week in terms of money, savings etc.

I fretted this all week and spent a lot of hours on the internet looking for secure jobs for a teaching career. But if I want to teach secondary school, it's back to school for a teaching credential.

I have no babies either. But maybe that's ok at this point in my life. It would be nice to have someone to come home to at the end of the day though.

My job is good right now. I live in a little room in źory, Poland. It is much better than my nice flat in Katowice.

Some English speaking friends would be nice.

What next? I am constantly thinking what next? It's a terrible dilemma and disease.