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Chad Helder's Queer Horror

I have been listening to Chad Helder's cd of queer horror. It is an amazing performance of poetry and short stories. The ambient sounds, flashes of insight, and unforgettable images make this cd a must for the brainpan.

There is derelict energy here. Imagine Jack Kerouac reading queer horror with ambient music. It's a purging. A good purging. More effective than an old Greek tragedy. I am amazed at the precise pacing and layered sounds on this cd.

Chad's performance is cinematic and theatrical. POV and ellipsis are handled with subtlety. Disorientation and montage and missing bodies. This is the "id pool" at it finest.

Contact Chad Helder for a copy of the cd at:

Chad Helder's Queer Horror


Chad Helder said…
Thanks, Marcus. That really means a lot to me.



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