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phase 6

Another move tomorrow. Still in Poland. Same job. A hotel tomorrow with no internet. No fridge. So I gotta figure out how to eat since Poland does not serve breakfast. Can I hold out on eating until 12PM? Maybe. And where to eat. Hm . . . will see.

Mainly it sucks I will lose my internet. I paid for one year so it's good until November.

But the old lady ain't worth it . . .

Only three more months of this shite . . .

hm . . .



Damn this part of Poland is boring.

Nothing interesting at all . . .

Maybe it's time for a return to Asia???

Lech is not a bad beer though . . .

Gotta just drink Lech for three months in my hotel room and then maybe I can survive.

Maybe it wouldn't be so bad if I had some chums. No chums. Just me and my room. My room in the old lady's flat.

But maybe the hotel will spice up my life. There is a disco in the hotel. Maybe I can dance on the weekends. Get some light exercise with the 'ole hernia.

I just know I can't handle a summer in this part of Poland. Gotta look forward to something better . . .

I could do a Celta (a certificate programme for teaching English as a foreign language) in Krakow. Might help a bit. With my two masters could make me a bit better. Career? career? What career?????

Just keep drinking the Lech . . . yeah . . . the lech . . . the lech is poland . . . tastes good today with Prodigy.


Jing-yueh said…
Prodigy is good musician MAN. might come back to Asia? what's going on with your applying to teach in TW? Andrew told me a wee bit about it, still not too sure what's going u tell me a bit so maybe i can offer some help?

wb, J.Y.
postpran said…

still not sure yet. But I will let you know. I have to see how things go for a while here. if the time comes, your help would be very very very valuable!!

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