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picture of Bielska Biala town square

Bielsko Biala

Panic. survival mode yesterday. School could no longer afford to pay me so I was let go. Living in Communist hotel with little money.

So I went nuts at the internet cafe and called and emailed schools in Poland and Spain.

I got lucky.

A solid school in a much nicer city had also had an emergency. One of their teachers left and they needed someone right away.

So they drove to my hotel. I interviewed with them. Got the gig. Moving in two days to Bielsko Biala. A nice medium sized city near the Beskidy mountains. I will teach English in the army barracks and at a few companies plus some children's classes. I got a free flat. Living with the head teacher named John from Dublin. Short contract until July 27th 2007 to see if it works out for both parties.

It should be a new and interesting challenge.

Krakow tomorrow

so I am off to Krakow tomorrow. Maybe see an art gallery. Maybe update my book of kells tattoo.

I keep wondering about tefl as a career. How long can I go? how low can i go? Maybe it is possible if i just stop reading all the complaints about low pay on Dave's ESL.

So some corporate job for the summer in Dublin. Or more than likely some call center. i've done the call center thing for quite a few years as an undergraduate in university. Matrix Marketing, All-State Life Insurance, America On-line etc. etc.

The whole time I kept thinking I was working for something more interesting. Getting advanced degrees in English and writing.

Life circles.

These TEFL jobs have some good things. Like time to write. One trade off for another.


Ride it. Bag it. Bog it.

arts and culture

I went to a really bad internet cafe two days in a row. Now I finally found a nice one. Fast internet. I can read the screen. And at least today it is not full of screaming teenage boys playing fighting games. Just gotta hit the cafe at the right time. The other internet cafe is the library but not always open.

Makes me want a big screen and more than a place to just rest my head every few months.

The old dilemma strikes again. To feel a bit of stability but also some freedom.

Sometimes a 9 to 5 job with access to a cultural and intellectual life sounds fab. Cultural. Hm. Well, arts and culture are alive somewhere in Poland, but I don't have access to that world. I am not a traveling professor and I don't speak Polish.

The hotel is not so bad. Just got to get a bit more settled.

Someday I want a big screen again like in Korea. It makes a huge difference to type and read on a big screen. And internet again. Ah yes. Internet again.

It's quite interesting how I keep getting myself…